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Hello friends!

Thought I should update this LJ since some of you are coming here from jdramacity.

I started work on Ouroboros episode 1 last night and hope to have it completely finished by Wednesday of next week.

Did anyone watch the first episode? Wasn't Toma great? Definitely a little different than his other roles, but I thought he pulled it off all. Ueno Juri was great as Hibino, and Shun-kun was a perfect yakuza.

What other dramas are you guys watching this season? Comment and let me know!
What up?  How is everyone?

I have been...weird.  Like for the past two years.

I say this in almost every entry, but I haven't been writing in this thing.  I'm not sure what happened, really.  I'm not sure what happened to ME.  Here's my attempt at figuring out my life:

My Life Until NowCollapse )

Then I went to Japan and it was AWESOME.  I came back and was all "I want to go live there!  ALL THE JAPAN THINGS!"

Then I went through an intense Pinterest phase.  Like every day Pinteresting.

Work began.  New class.  Better relationships with them because they are weird kids, and I like weird kids.  Last semester went by really quickly.  I sort of got back to studying Japanese, but it was sporadic.  I didn't take any classes, and I basically just floated through the semester doing whatever whenever.  I went home a lot.  The Japanese Culture Club and Nikami are sort of bust.  I had a "thing" for a coworker which was me freaking out about the fact that I have maybe 13 more years of good childbearing ahead of me and everyone else is getting married and having kids, so I need to get on that.  I'm getting over the coworker thing, though, because he doesn't like me that way and dating a coworker would be weird.  I've felt so detached from life since the school year started.


I applied to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Masters in Language, Literature, and Translation program.  It's something I really want to do.  Professional translation would be a great job.  I still love Japanese even though at the moment my brain is all "What is Japanese?  I don't understand this language."  I'm waiting to hear back from them.  I didn't pass their Qualifying Exam (it was INTENSE), but I can take it again if I get in with everything else.

I'll probably stay here for another year so I can either a.) afford to go to grad school out of state or b.) save up money for the year after.  I'm still thinking of applying to JET, but I keep putting it off.

For reasons I don't want to admit.

Meaning, I'm worried I'm not into Japanese stuff anymore.  I'm not sure what I'm into or what that would translate into as a career for me.  But not watching Japanese stuff or even listening to music that much, not studying Japanese, not really caring about Japan for the past six months or so...it makes me wonder what's going on with me.

I'm trying to get back into it, but it's like I'm starting all over again.  MU is GONE.  It sucks so much.  So much has changed in fandom and with me, and it's all confusing.  The future seems scary because I'm not sure where my life is heading.  I'm almost 27.  I need a life plan.

2013 is going to be about me finding my life plan.  Simplify.  I'm going to simplify everything.

That's all I can say for now.

Ja ne!

Thoughts From a Japanese Media Pirate

A little over a week ago, I finished Cory Doctorow's new book Pirate Cinema, and it really struck a chord with me.

So I emailed the author himself, and wouldn't you know it?  HE EMAILED ME BACK.

Cory was so interested in what I said that he offered to make it an article on his website boingboing.net.

So here it is, in its entirety, although I am the anonymous person.  One thing I didn't like was that they didn't post any of the videos I sent them, even though it looked like they would.  I hope it was just to protect my identity, but if I'm going around the Internet saying it was me, what good is that?


Also, the guy who posted it put a picture from the ANIME Honey and Clover, not the drama, which is what I talked about in the piece.  I guess because more people are anime fans?  Whatever, it's just cool to be put out on the net like this.

When MU got shut down, I was so upset.  It's so hard nowadays to find good download sources for anything.  It's really not helping me get back into watching dramas when I can't get them like I used to be able to do.

Oh FYI, I reuploaded the Honey and Clover vid to DailyMotion, which I will now post:

Ja ne!

My Not-So Passing Interest in Pinterest

I admit it.

I am addicted to Pinterest.

Hello, my name is Laura, and I am a Pinterest addict.  (Hi, Laura!)

I joined the site back after it first started and was just starting to get popular.  At first I was just a casual user.  I'd forget about it for a week or so and then go back for awhile.  I took a long break from it because I had so much to do at work and with school and then going to Japan.  But not long after coming home, I got off the wagon and went back to the constant stream of pictures, ideas, and pretty things that constitute this website.

Okay, so it's mostly out of lack of things to do on the Internet that I go to Pinterest.  For awhile, I was looking for ideas for my bedroom at home.  Now that my bedroom is pretty much done - thanks mostly to the lovely room inspirations and DIY projects on Pinterest - I have moved on to ideas for work.

My job is in residence life.  It's not what you'd think of a "typical" residence life job considering I work with very intelligent teenagers and have more authority and a few more duties than the typical RA.  I am a Residential Counselor or RC for short.  Where my RAs in college did maybe five door decs a year, I do one for every month.  Where my RAs held one program the entire time I lived in the residence hall (at least ot my knowledge), I do at least three every month.  Up until my last year of college, I barely saw my RAs.  The last RA I had, when night_inscriber and I were roommates, waIs Kayla.  She was great!  Brittany and I always felt welcome to go knock on her door and talk or stop by when she had desk duty.  I frequently complained to her about people messing up the white board we had next to our door who wrote racist comments over our Japanese practice.

Anyway, Pinterest has proven a great resource for all things residence life.  I'm quickly amassing pins for my Residence Assistant Ideas board.  I felt like I didn't do as well of a job this past year as I did my first year, so I'm determined to make this year fun.  I want to be a good RC and hold the girls up to standards, even if they complain or think it's unfair.  And if they think it's unfair, they're more than welcome to come and talk to me about it.

This is the change I wanted way back in the day when going to Japan was but a mere sparkle in my eye and dream in my head.  Now that I've gone and shown myself of just what I am capable, I know I can be good.  Not good - great!  Not great - fantastic!  FAN..tabulous?  I have to thank Pinterest for helping.  I love being able to keep all of these ideas in one place without having to meander through a wonderland of links.


If you would like to befriend me on Pinterest, please do so.  Sharing is caring, after all.

Also, have you guys heard this song by the N'夙川ボーイズ?  If you've seen the Moteki movie, then you have.  If you haven't, GO LISTEN.  IT'S BLOODY AMAZING.  I swear, I fell in love with everything J-indie when I was in Tokyo.

Ja ne!

Lovely, Lovely Japan and Life Afterwards

So I'm back from Japan already!

Yeah, I didn't write one time while I was there.  I could say I didn't have time, but frankly, we both know that I did as I spent several hours on Facebook and Twitter per day.  I could have easily written LJ entries.

The fact is, though, that I have not written anything in so long that it is HARD to write stuff.  During my trip, Tofugu, the awesome Japanese Language-learning website that I have been following for years, announced open applications for their summer internship.  So I applied on the off-chance I would get it, and I MADE IT TO THE SECOND ROUND!!!

After that, however, I had to write three articles for the Tofugu website, and I realized how long it really has been since I have written anything.  It was hard.  It was very hard.  I'm pretty sure one, two, or all of the articles sucked.  Definitely not nearly as entertaining as this blog (and that's saying a lot about this blog in which I haven't really posted in about two years).  I need to exercise my writing muscle again.  I think I've been avoiding writing.

Japan Trip First Week Recap!Collapse )

So that was my first week in Japan.  I tried to remember as much as possible.  There were a few things I left out various people I saw, things I thought, places I went, etc.  I got the highlights.  Several times I wished I had business cards to hand out because you wouldn't believe how many opportunities you have to do that.  Like with the woman and her family who are moving to Fort Knox.  I wanted to explain what my job was about and where it is, but it was hard without a proper business card.  There were several other times as well like with the woman in Tokyo who is also moving to Kentucky soon, Kurokawa-san in Sapporo, and as one older Japanese woman told me, even at Fuji TV.

As I will explain at a later date, I went to Fuji TV to check it out.  This older Japanese woman I met at the hostel in Tokyo told me I should have business cards.  She said--and I'm not quite sure of the validity of this because she has been out of the business loop for awhile--that if I'd had business cards and presented them to people at Fuji TV, I could have gotten a better tour that I actually had.

Really?  Because my business Japanese is nonexistent, and I'm not sure how many people at Fuji TV would care that I work for the #1 high school in the entire nation of the United States of America.  Like how is that relevant to Japanese people at all?  It's not like I work for the #1 high school in Japan or something.

But oh well.  It's been a month since I was in Osaka.  In fact, it's been a month since I left for Aomori.  I miss Japan a lot, and I miss snylo a lot.  I also miss the friends I made there like Annika (whom I met in Sapporo and hung out with in Tokyo.  She took me to Koyama's ramen shop!) and Yuuta and even Jentz and his annoying stories about Suzumiya Haruhi.  I WENT TO A FLUMPOOL CONCERT.  But I will talk about that later.  I think I need snylo to help me remember everything properly since she went with me.

In the meantime, I'm trying to keep myself busy, but...there's not a lot to do...

My plans right now are to redo both my room at home and my room at school.  I'm getting into a DIY phase, and I want to make my room look kind of hipster-ish.  I'm putting birds on stuff.  And leaves.  The dream of the 90's is alive in me, people.  Also, Japan made me consider my life plan, and I know now that I want to live there.  At least for a year.  At least long enough for me to go to another flumpool concert...and hopefully a NEWS concert, since they are ACTIVE AGAIN, FOOS!  So excited for that new single and their best album.  Also, I'm thinking about getting my masters in translation with a concentration in Japanese to English.  University of Wisconsin Milwaukee has a program for it, but I have to find a way to pay for it first if WKU won't pay for it (they probably won't).

Also, after staying at Time Peace Apartment in Sapporo and having the best hostel experience EVER, I think eventually I want to run a hostel or guesthouse.  When I was there, I felt like I worked there.  I helped out a few times, hung out a lot, and when no staff were around, I talked to a lot of the guests.  It would be a lot of work, but it would be fun.  Something for the far future, I think.

Meanwhile, it'll be another year of working for the Academy (consider it training for the youth hostel thing), doing a better job than last year (for reals), having FUN (for real-reals), applying for the JET program, studying Japanese and improving my speaking, hanging out with friends, new Doctor Who and Once Upon a Time, keeping in touch with my ex-seniors, and actually IMPROVING THIS LJ.  Yes, since I can actually work with HTML and CSS and know my way around Photoshop, I can actually change the format of this blog and make it something different.

I think my problem with writing here is that I've been trying to write entries like I used to write; however, I'm not the same person I used to be.  My interests have diversified and deepened, and I, myself, have changed.  I'm not quite the same person I used to be, so why should I write like I used to?  Henceforth, I will diversify and improve this LJ.  It will be a Process, so don't expect anything great soon.  I want to start writing again, and this will be a great way to do it.

Okay, I'll stop rambling now.

Ja ne!

Guess Who's Going to Japan?!

Zombie Michael Jackson!

No...wait, it's me!

Yep, I am finally FINALLY going to the Land of All Things Boyband, the mecca (as it were) of my very fandom.  This trip has been a whole year in the making, and it's finally happening in TWO DAYS.

I'm super excited because I am going, well, everywhere.  Almost.  Here's the basic breakdown of my trip:

Tokyo --> Osaka/Nara/Kyoto/etc. --> Aomori --> Sapporo --> Lake Kussharo --> Sapporo --> Saitama --> Tokyo

I'm starting off in Tokyo my first night where I will in attendance at Takeru's play Romeo and Juliet.  Yes, I am going, foos!  I already have my ticket (it was kinda esspensive ya know), but it's HAPPENING.  I GET TO SEE TAKERU AND ISHIHARA SATOMI MY FIRST NIGHT IN JAPAN. *squeak*

The next day I will head to Osaka where I will meet up with my friend Naomi for sightseeing.  She's planning to go with me to Kyoto, Nara, and wherever else I get to go when I'm in Osaka.  I sort of promised my nephew, Connor, that I'd go to Iga, the home of the ninjas.  He wants a ninja star.  I am not buying him a real ninja star.

So Osaka for five nights, then heading up to Aomori for two nights, Sapporo for three nights, Lake Kussharo for three nights, back to Sapporo for a night, then to Saitama for a night or two before ending up in Tokyo proper.  I'm also hoping to go to Nagoya one day to meet up with my friends Geneva and June who are doing the Japan study abroad trip with our school.

We're all going to be in Japan at the same time.  WE HAVE TO GO SEE THINGS TOGETHER.

So I'm really excited/nervous/really nervous/oh god what have I gotten myself into? but yay, I'm still excited when I think about it, and...man, it's going to be a good trip.  It's hard to explain why I feel like I need this trip, but part of it is that I feel like I need a catalyst to push me into finally being the person I want to be.  Yes, it sounds cheesy and self-improvement-y, but whatever, I'm going to Japan!

I will keep everyone updated through this LiveJournal, Twitter, and post all sorts of pictures on Facebook and flickr.  I really, truly am excited and can't wait to actually experience Japan.  It's a place I have been imagining since I started watching J-dramas back in 2007.

Next time you'll hear from me, I will be in Japan...or possibly Dallas if I'm bored enough at the airport.

Ja ne!


So, interesting story, thanks to my fandom friend dual_tsubasa, who posted this link on Twitter to a certain CNN Geek Out! blog article titled (without the proper capitalization) "The beginner's guide to Japanese drama."  Please read it, because it is relevant to this blog post.

So I'm sitting there reading and cringing at certain mentions of websites like d-addicts which, while they don't HOST torrents anymore, still has links to those torrents.  It's my one last haven for dramas since Megaupload is down for now and Mediafire is soon to be the same.  I'm not fond of getting dramas that way because if it's an older drama, chances are it won't be seeded and will take days to download.  But I still use and don't want it taken down in any capacity.

Anyway, I'm sitting here reading and things start sounding more and more familiar...more and more like the information I have painstakingly research the past few years and included in my presentation for my Sociology of Modern Japan class as well as made into a panel for MTAC (Middle Tennessee Anime Convention) last year.  Now, the article was worded differently, and I might have just said, "Well, she probably did the same research since some of it did come from Internet sources and there were a few added things in there" except for one paragraph:

"Often faces from big pop acts show up in dramas, such as members of long-running pop band Arashi. By using radio-popular songs as J-drama theme songs, producers increased viewership exponentially."

This information is my panel.  It is not research-based.  It is based on my own experience watching over 400 J-dramas in the past four or so years.  I have researched dramas and drama ratings as well as current trends in Japan and how they affect the overall ratings of dramas as well as what can make or break a drama.  This particular information about arashi is something I included based on my own experience in fandom.  It's not written down anywhere.  It's common knowledge, but not something I feel a general fan of dramas would automatically make the connection to or if they did, they could have used any othttp://www.mediafire.com/?x95zqp0jkzxho1zher boyband.  I particularly used arashi because the past several years have proven that arashi dramas are popular dramas.  I also said that using their songs as theme songs also helps with ratings.

I looked into this writer's other articles, and she mentions a lot of different conventions that take place around the east coast and in the south.  It's probable that she was there in my panel last year and took notes.  I was too busy freaking out and trying to explain things and being weirded out by the two rows of 40-something year old balding men in the front to notice who was doing what.

As evidence, I offer my panel presentation for your viewing pleasure.

Japanese TV Dramas

So go read the article, check out my presentation, and tell me if you think the author copied my panel.  Honestly, I still have a nugget of doubt, but it's very odd.


Guess Who's Back? Back in Fan-DEM?

My apologies.  I wrote this about a month or so ago...maybe longer.  I am a terrible fangirl.

What's this?  WHAT'S THIS?
There's color everywhere!
What's this?  There're sparkles in the air!
What's this?!
I can't believe I'm back, yes it's true, no more fail!

Okay, enough of the fail!song lyrics.  I am finally--FINALLY--writing a proper post after over a year--A WHOLE YEAR--of not really writing posts.  Oh sure, I've "written" stuff, but it was pitiful stuff full of fail compared to some of the posts I've done in the past.  Suffice to say that this past year I have been busy/angsty/not a good fangirl.  It was shameful.  I am ashamed.


Because I really have so much to write about, I won't be doing it all in this post to save both mine and your sanities, good readers.  In fact, just writing this bit right here is making me tired and want to quit and go watch Rebound instead of writing.  I'm stuck here at the desk for another four hours and four minutes, so might as well, right?  And to start off with, I'll be doing a review of what's going on in the Johnny's world as I currently know it.

First of all, because the Dear Boy should always be first, TOMA.


Ahem.  If you've seen his latest scans, good for you.  Also, I'm showing you one, anyway.  IT'S UTTER ARM PORN.  I decided I was an arm girl after seeing so many pictures of Toma without sleeves.  Something about his arms are just so...sigh...

One thing I constantly get frustrated with about Toma is that he doesn't smile much in pictures anymore.  I don't know if it's the photographer or the people who choose the pictures or what, but Toma always looks so nice when he smiles.  I agree with godsgirl7  in that this poll is invalid but not because Aiba's not on it, but because Toma isn't on it (although I agree Aiba should be on it as well).

It seems that when Toma has a comedic role, he gets more smiley pictures and when he's all dramatic, he's non-smiley.  I don't know if there is a correlation, but I wouldn't doubt it.  Well, at least he's sort of smiling in the making of his new Volvic CM.  Still crossing my fingers for a fall Toma drama.  There was a rumor circulating that he'd have one with Yonekura Ryoko, which might have meant a young guy/older woman romance which is what I've been wanting for awhile now.  And to have Toma in the role?  I would be MORE than okay with that.  Heck, Toma in ANY romance drama would be FANTASTIC.  As long as he doesn't die at the end.

Well, we still have time before the fall season, so anything still goes. *crosses everything*

Tackey and Tsubasa are coming out with a new single!  I feel like this time, they are truly getting back together.  Then they will bless the world with lots of rainbows and sparkles and adorable fanservice because they're totally married.  Have I mentioned that TakkiTsuba is ONE pairing that I actually don't mind shipping.  How can you argue with something that's canon?  Their new single will be titled "Bokura no Mirai Journey Journey" and will be released AUGUST 31.  I'm looking forward to a PV with more rainbows and confessions of love.  Hopefully Takki will have better hair by then.

Also, is anyone watching Tsubasa's Spanish program?  I keep meaning to watch it, especially if it's full of lolz or Tsubasa shirtless.

NEWS is still not NEWS, but at least Yamapi hasn't shown any signs of leaving.  Let's see, both Ryo-chan and Shige have dramas this summer, both of which I am watching.  Ryo-chan will be in Zenkai Girl, co-starring Aragaki Yui, in which Ryo-chan plays a nursery school worker trying to raise his son while Yui plays a lawyer who is assigned to watch her boss's five year old daughter.  Of course, romance happens.  I admit that I haven't watched Inu wo Kau to Iu Koto yet, and I'm actually surprised that Ryo-chan got another main drama role so quickly.  Usually stations don't like to do that, but then, Toda Erika had SPEC followed by Taisetsuna Koto, so whatevs.  Ryo-chan's acting has gotten better, too.  I immensely enjoyed him in JOKER, so I'm holding high hopes for both Inu and Zenkai Girl.

Shige will be in Hanawake no Yon Shimai where he will play a photographer who gets involved with four sisters.  The cast for this drama includes Mizuki Alisa (Ohitorisama), Kanjiya Shihori (Buzzer Beat, Kimi Hannin Ja Nai Yo Ne), Kichise Michiko (Hagane no Onna, Bloody Monday), and Kawashima Umika (Kaibutsu-kun, Bloody Monday), and with such a great cast, it's bound to be pretty good.  All four women play girls who are just not lucky in love and have a father who is something of a ladies man and a mother who remains faithfully devoted to him.  It seems a lot like a family/romance crossover drama.  Heck, I'm in.  And Shige's acting has gotten better over the years, too.  Have you seen TROUBLEMAN?  He was pretty good in it.

Koyama's still doing his news thing, which is cool.  Tegomass?  Are they doing anything lately?  I haven't watch Deka Wanko yet, either, so not sure how Tegoshi did in that.  I hear conflicting reports.  Yamapi?  Is he still on his Asian tour?  Sorry, guys, whenever they're not all together, I get disinterested and wander off to other groups and other music.  Sigh...I really miss NEWS, and I know I'm not the only one.

I want that again.  All together and being all Member-Ai...y...ish...^_^

So this entry is now long enough, and I will continue to try to update.  I have given up all hope of reviewing everything from this past year in word form...

...and so it will probably come in video form...

Look forward to it...muahahahahahaha--coughsputterhack--

Ja ne!

Sayonara 2010

And so, we come to it at last.  The final day of the year 2010.  In just a few short hours, it will be 2011 here in the states, and I'm spending it just the way I want: at home, spreadable cheese and crackers, sparkling grape juice, and the Johnny's Countdown pulled up and all ready to go at 11:45 tonight.  I want it to coincide with the actual New Year's here, so I'm waiting.

Although I already know.  Toma wasn't there.  I hate him (not really), and I'm wondering where on earth he went for this occasion.  As Toma fans may already know, he posted a picture in Toma no Heya of a JAL plane at some airport (scroll down at least halfway down the page).  Fans are trying to figure out at exactly which airport this picture was taken or where he could have been going.  Where in the world is Ikuta Toma is the question right now.  I guess we'll find out when he gets back and posts more pictures (hopefully he will, I mean, he gave up the whole toy camera hobby ages ago).

So, this past year has not been the best.  I feel like I say this every year, but this year has really been off.  Despite that, there were some awesome things that happened like graduating college (woot!) and landing a full-time, well-paying job (double woot!), and niece, Hailey, being born (eternity woot!).  I had some fantastically snarky fandom talks and spazzflails with B-chan at 2:00am when we were both supposed to be sleeping (this was 2009, but remember when we made sparkly cupgaykes for Toma's birthday and went around handing them out?  And someone asked us why we made them, and we told them it was someone's birthday, but then they asked us who, and we had to say it was a friend. XD  Oh, good times.)  We created possibly the first Japanese Culture Club in WKU's history.  I drove to Nashville by myself for the first time and subsequently got lost in Nashville for the first time.  I met the girls on my wing and we've had a lot of fun times this semester (that often involved food).  I've made new friends and gotten closer to people I already knew.

I honestly don't remember big fandom stuff that happened this year aside from Toma's three movies, the much-anticipated return of NEWS after a long dry spell, Jin's concerts in the US, and Toma's magnificent Anan spread (we'll never forget that, will we?).  I don't think this year has been a great fandom year for me.  I'm really hoping this next year will bring even more fandom excellence.  A lot of things are going to happen in 2011, and here's a taste of what I have in store:

--Attending the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention and possibly doing a J-drama panel while I'm there
--Visiting purrgrowl  again in California during the summer (please?)
--Giving Japanese lessons to kids in Bowling Green
--Applying for Temple University Japan or JET (probably both)
--Making videos for YouTube
--Generally being a more positive person and enjoying life

I am ready for 2011 to begin.

See you next year!

Ja ne!


Merry Christmas!...And Stuff!


Ignore the dirt clinging to my clothes and the zombie fangirl horde behind me.  I was tricked, I tell you, tricked!  Ahem, anyway, this has undoubtedly been the longest amount of time I have gone without writing a post.  It's been almost two months!  What the heck have I been doing anyway?  Well, for one thing, I've been on Twitter.  It's hard to get me to shut up on Twitter, actually.  For another thing, I've been doing that thing called work and another thing called school, although I sorted of phayld at both due to some...stuff...*mumbleslooksatceiling*

So in addition to all of the stuff I wrote down in my last entry that I meant to talk about, I now have a bunch of other stuff to talk and flail about and possibly rip apart with analysis.  Oh yes, I acquired brand-spanking-new film analyzation skills thanks to my Introduction to Cinema class (even though I phayld) this semester.  Prepare to see movies ripped apart in a brand new way (but not really, because, as I said, I phayld at raifu).

Wait, where is Toma?  I need Toma.  My life has been sorely lacking in him for months now.  I feel like the distance between us is growing.

There's my adorable boy.  He's been so busy, what with finishing up Unubore Deka, filming Genji Monogatari, and preparing for not one, but TWO STAGEPLAYS Madame de Sade and My Friend Hitler (both of which I have but have yet to read).

Not to mention the promos for Kyuukei no Kouya (have yet to watch it, as it's not subbed and I'm not well-versed in Japanese police jargon) and now doing commercials for Toyota as a hot detective.  This is, what, the fourth time he's played a detective?  Can't Toma just be a detective all the time.  OR OR OR BETTER YET, he can be a hot supernatural fighter guy a la Supernatural.

Although, what with the death metal nowadays, T?  Slipknot?  Seriously?  No offense to Slipknot fans, but SERIOUSLY?

Someone get the boy a sparkly cupcake and a hug, stat.  He needs to brighten up a bit.  I get the feeling Toma's getting kind of emo.  Not in the skinny-jeans-and-eyeliner-wearing emo way, but the actually emotional and angsty way.  Perhaps he needs a break.  As much as I want him to come back to TV for awhile, I'd like it more if he had a good vacation and could return well-rested.

Seriously, dude, I'm only concerned about your health.

Also, if you hung out with Yamapi more, us fans would appreciate it.  Just saying.

But what is this thing about him and Sho partying?  Dude, make up your mind.  Do you want to be angsty or do you want to be social?  I don't think it's possible to be both.  By the way, one last thing, WILL TOMA BE AT THE JOHNNY'S COUNTDOWN THIS YEAR?  The Countdown is never any good when he's not there.  I'm so hoping he'll be there because epic countdown is epic, and I'm jonesing for some epic JE fangirling stuff.  Like for reals we need some inter-Johnny's adorable fanservice going on replete with hugs and poking of cheeks.

But back to the issue at hand.  One reason I haven't been writing is because my job is pretty much insane.  I'm so tired of the Insanity by the end of the day that there's none left for me to put in here.  I welcome breaks from the Insanity like coming home and sitting in the living room with my parents and just watching TV.  But I really do miss posting on LJ, and I've realized that this blog has been more for me than just a place to flail about Japanese stuff.  It has been a place for me to express myself creatively.  I'm still writing, and that's good.  Through this blog, I managed to work for Fuji TV for almost a day.  Maybe, just maybe, this blog can help me make the dream of actually working for Fuji TV or even Johnny's (holy crap, can you imagine?!) come true.  Hey, it's possible.  I really do think anything can happen.

So for 2011, I'm going to be a better LJ friend and definitely post more.  I want to get to know the people on my flist more.  Seriously, though, guys, GET A TWITTER AND THEN FOLLOW ME.  I feel like I've gotten to know some of you a whole lot more through Twitter.  It's my Inner Sanctum; my Fortress of Solitude.  In other words, be prepared for a lot of complaints and random observations aka Spam.

Just so I don't make this a totally worthless post, one thing that has really got me hooked lately is YouTube, and not even in the YouTube-is-a-black-hole-that-will-destory-your-life way.  Although, it sort of it is...anyway, I've been watching a lot of videos from Wong Fu Productions, a company made up of Phillip Wang, Ted Fu, and Wesley Chan, all of whom are awesome and hilarious.  They frequently collaborate with other YouTubers like nigahiga, KevJumba, HappySlip, David Choi, and ChesterSee and create some amazing short films and music videos.  I totally aspire to be like them...I also stalk Wes on occasion...


I will be writing.

Beat me if I don't.

I <4 you all.

Ja ne!


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